Safer Lawn Care That Works!

Safer lawn care that works!​


 Our goal at GreenMaster is to create and maintain beautiful turfgrass as safely as possible throughout NE Oklahoma.  


As a “Green" company, we strive to do this by reducing our carbon footprint and adopting environmentally safer lawncare practices.  


GreenMaster is not a franchise but a small local business since 1999. 

Our lawns are greener for a reason. The proof is in the results, and the results speak for themselves.

What do we do? We Spray Lawns

Sifi: (Spray It & Forget It)

This carefully designed program combines timing & natural science with personal service to achieve a healthier, greener & safer lawn, all season long.  

With prolonged service and correct watering, our customers enjoy outstanding weed control, desirable deep green color, and more consistent growth with less flushing. 

Safety Benefits

Environmentally Friendlier Lawncare Practices 

Phosphorus (P) Free Fertilizers

More Pet Friendly

Less Chemical Exposure

Safer For You & Safer For The Community

We Offer To You

Weed Insurance

Spray Notifications Available

Toughest pre-emergent weed control available

Convenient Payment Options

Results You Can See

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